As we age, and those around us age, we find that we are experiencing issues we may not have had to deal with before, both health and circumstantial. These issues can cause us duress, especially if we do not know where to turn to find what services are available for our issues, and how to determine what assistance is right for us. Where do you start?

You start with us, Villagers Life Care Advocates. This comprehensive web site gives links directly to providers’ web sites so you can easily see what is available and the services each can offer. Our web site makes your research less stressful by providing information for your health, living, transportation, legal concerns and more.

In addition, we raise funds to assist local non-profit groups who are focused on helping Villagers with their life care. These groups are also featured on this site. They can provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, in–home assistance such as light housekeeping, medicine preparation, cooking, companionship, pet walking, and other services.

In order for a group to receive funding, they must fill out an application explaining their need and how the funds would be used. If the application is deemed appropriate, a representative from the group will appear for an interview with designated members of our board of directors, who will determine if the group is a suitable recipient for funding and the amount to be made available to them.

All members of our board, advisory committees, and workers are volunteers.  There is no remuneration given to anyone, except for pre-approved expenses they might incur in the course of their work with Villagers Life Care Advocates.

As stated on this site, we are Villagers Helping Villagers. Our mission is to enhance quality of life by providing funds to support hospice efforts and comprehensive life care resources that serve The Villages community. Your donation will assist us in achieving our mission.

We thank you in advance for interest and support.

Next Steps...

Please consider contributing to Villagers Life Care Advocates, either through a donation or volunteering.